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Simple Interface

In today's market, it's hard to keep a customer's attention for very long. If a viewer is frustrated by an aspect of your website, they will leave the site. The first key to all of our websites is ease of use and simplicity.



After we simplify the interface of your website, we make sure that every aspect of the site is "responsive" (functioning properly and smoothly on a smartphone, PC, or tablet).



The most important thing a website can do is to convert a viewer into a customer. We make sure your website is laid out to grab the viewer's attention and turn them into a customer. (Also, see our other Services.)

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A website that catches your attention is easy to accomplish. A page that keeps your attention is a little more difficult. One that turns you into a paying customer is on the next level. At High Johnson, we specialize in doing all 3 of these things for your website. We start by  analyzing every aspect of your website, looking for anything that might slow down our process to maximize your results. We make sure that the search engines love what they are seeing when they crawl your site.


Once we’ve made sure that there isn’t anything on your website that might get flagged we move on to website design. Our approach will make your website clear, clean, and straight to the point. More information doesn’t always look more professional. Most often, simplicity and ease of navigation are the best direction to take in digital marketing. Users in today’s society have short attention spans and we cater to them, since they are your potential customers. Online traffic is most often generated by viewers searching on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC’s or Macs. We make sure that whatever website we design or optimize for you will work seamlessly with any device a potential client might use.


When we begin working on your site, we hit the ground running optimizing your site for conversions. Our proven methods will quickly have your site running like a well-oiled machine. We can guarantee that using our conversion optimization methods will produce one of the highest ROI’s (return on investment) you have ever received for any investment your company has made.

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