Social Media Marketing Ideas That Can Help You Make Money

If you have been trying to drive more traffic to your website, and you have not been successful, it might be that you are using the wrong approach. For example, you could have set up multiple PPC campaigns where you are getting visitors, but nobody is making a purchase. Additionally, you could use SEO marketing in order to get targeted individuals to see what you have for sale, but the sales are simply not coming in. In order to test anything, you need to have a cost-effective strategy that you can use until your landing page becomes a high converting moneymaker. This is where social media marketing comes in. Here are the tips that you should implement to generate not only more sales, but to test any product or service that you want to offer.

Why Testing Is So Important

Before diving into the social media marketing strategies that you ought to use, you should understand why testing different types of marketing is so important. Before you rollout on any form of advertising, it’s good to know which landing pages converting the most. The problem with doing this is that PPC advertising can be very expensive, and search engine optimization can be slow. However, if you are able to run “like” campaigns to build up your followers on your social media page, and also take advantage of inexpensive social media PPC campaigns, you can gradually test until you have a winner.

How To Use Social Media Internet Marketing The Right Way


There is a three-step process to using social media in a profitable manner. You have to do this in this order. Using Facebook as an example, the first thing that you will need to do is create a Facebook page with professional graphics, and also add a substantial amount of content. You should also have content added every day so that it shows that you are actively participating. Finally, you need to create a “like” campaign that will drive people to your Facebook page where they can like and follow you. This will build up your followers quickly, so that when other people arrive, they will see, where these perceive, that this pages very popular. This will motivate people to join, creating a viral effect to build your followers quickly. The second step of the process is to create viral content. These are specifically designed to redirect people to your website to make sales. Once you have followers, they will see your post, click through to your website, and by doing so you can test multiple offers. The third strategy to use is to utilize the PPC advertising that is available on Facebook. This will be less expensive in many cases to Google advertising, and can help you generate even more traffic.

What Is The End Result?

The end result of using this three-part strategy is that you will build up your Facebook page quickly. You will then have followers that will click on your videos and images that are marketing the products that you have available. You can then determine which landing page is the most successful at converting people from visitors into buyers. To do the same thing on Google, or any of the other advertising mediums out there, would cost you two or three times as much. Once this is done, your page will begin to grow on its own, and you will also see the viral aspect of how social media can literally help people build their business on autopilot.

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