What Are Some Great Things To Do In North Alabama?

The Star of Alabama is calling your name, and there is no city like it out there anyway. Huntsville is a historic city in North Alabama featuring a unique blend of landmarks and attractions. You can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the city by visiting the multiple nature preserves, and you can stop by some of the top restaurants for delicious meals. There are so many things to do in Huntsville that you might lose track of time completely. Just make sure you make it to everything you wanted to see and do by the end of your trip.

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The top three ranked attractions according to a top travel site are: The Huntsville Botanical Garden, The US Space And Rocket Center and Monte Sano State Park. I’m sure the US Space And Rocket Center caught your eye, and this is just the beginning folks. How does the Harmony Park Safari sound to you? This is an animal safari tour, and yes, you get to feed them. The tour is affordable according to reviews, so this should be a rather budget friendly pit stop while on vacation. You will see buffalo, and by the way, there is a reptile house. Now that sounds like fun.

Have you heard of Green Mountain? This is the location of the Madison County Nature Trail. Not everyone is up for an outdoor adventure while vacationing, but Huntsville has plenty of them. Therefore, you’re missing out if you don’t at least enjoy one or two of them. This is the location of the covered bridge, which is a landmark that is popular in the city. There are also picnic tables, a log cabin, a pond, an outdoor chapel and ducks to feed. It’s really a nature lover’s treat to visit this little gem in Huntsville.

Of course, you can’t visit Huntsville without stopping by the downtown area. That is where Big Spring Park is located, so you can enjoy this park and everything downtown Huntsville has to offer. You can feed the ducks there, too, just like at Green Mountain along the nature trail. Plus, there is also a bridge there, too! It appears that there are all kinds of events going on throughout the year at Big Spring Park, such as an art festival, free concerts and more.

One thing I keep running into as I see all the attractions and what reviewers have to say is the mention of the fall season. People talk about how beautiful it is there during fall, so maybe that would be the best time of the year to plan a Huntsville vacation experience. While you’re at it, you need a few more mentions of some great attractions to visit while you’re there.

Another great attraction is the Von Braun Center, which is not far away from Big Spring Park and downtown Huntsville at all. This venue hosts many different types of events throughout the year, such as trade shows, Monster Jam and arts & crafts shows. There is Forrest Paddle Boarding, and how about enjoying some disc golf at the Indian Creek Disc Golf Course? That’s not everything there is to do in Huntsville, but that’s quite a few places to help you out with planning your vacation.

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